You're different

Unlock all bots and get full use.
Refund within 7 days.

Natural Premium

Unlock amazing features by getting premium.
5 / 1 Month
7 / 1 Year
15 / Unlimited

Features Free Premium
Special Commands
Custom Command Limit 5 350
Level System
Level Card Customizations
Special Level Up Message
Picture Welcome
Input Output Message
Custom Input Output Message
Auto Role to Users

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Premium?

Natural Premium is a subscription you can buy to support Natural. Premium is not mandatory, but if you buy it, you can unlock the above features and reach full use..

What is the money used for?

Money received from premium users is used to keep NATURAL afloat..

Can I get a refund if I don't use it?

Yes. If you reach the bot owners within a week of purchasing the subscription, you will be refunded.

Which payment methods are used?

Currently, credit cards, ininal, papara are supported. Reach out to bot owners for a different payment method.